Manufactured for pre-production and production quantities.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene) reinforced and non-reinforced - for water and air applications

PVC/NBR (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene) reinforced and non-reinforced - for fuel and oil applications including heavy oil contamination in EGR hoses

Vamac (Ethylene Acrylic) reinforced and non-reinforced - for higher temperature air applications with a degree of oil fuel resistance as required

Silicone hoses including Fluorosilicone lined hoses are an option to give high temperature fuel and oil resistance

Complete assemblies with clips, valves, end couplings and other components can be supplied using client's free issue parts or using parts sourced by us to your specification.

Precision mouldings using an almost unlimited range of rubber polymers including composite mouldings incorporating inserts of metal, plastic, fabric or other rubbers bonded in place. Using compression, transfer and injection techniques.

We can supply window and door trim extrusions using high performance synthetic rubbers.

In-house Tool Making
From drawing to product has never been as convenient. JTA technical and sales teams will use their unrivalled experience in the interpretation and implementation of your requirements backed by solid experience in the UK and European rubber industry

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