Independent hose experts with a unique manufacturing service

JTA Rubber Company Ltd. is an established quality accredited ISO 9001 registered firm.

Our field expertise starts with automotive hoses in a variety of polymers including EPDM, PVC/NBR, SBR, Vamac, Silicone and Neoprene. These cover most charge air, water cooling systems and some fuel/oil applications in various performance criteria. Our flexible method of manufacturing ensures that we produce high quality reinforced and non-reinforced fabric hoses in a variety of different materials.

We specialise in producing extremely high quality parts including hoses, mouldings and extrusions for demanding applications to suit the customer's requirements. Our basic product range has been developed and extended in close co-operation with our customers and we are able to produce parts with a very quick turnaround time if required. From prototype to production, JTA Rubber Company can be of great service.

We export to clients all over the UK and Europe.


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